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SI Strefa RegeneracjiSI Strefa RegeneracjiSI Strefa Regeneracji

Regain your health, youth and energy

Imagine a world without disease. Imagine a long and healthy life. Imagine that there are no limits for your challenges. Imagine achieving balance in work, life and sport. Think about the extra years with your grandchildren and exploring the world together. Imagine that it is possible. Discover the recipe for longevity!

As long as you take good care of yourself!

Because in life more important than what we know is what we systematically do.

Whole Body Cryotherapy 

Relax. The temperature reaching -195°C will pleasantly stimulate your body. You won’t feel any pain. Instead, you will feel a surge of amazing energy, and endorphins will put you in a great mood. A whole body cryotherapy session takes only 3 minutes, during which your body will be stimulated to work at top speed. You will experience high-energy rejuvenation and a burst of instant health through cold exposure.

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Uśmiechnięta i zadowolona pacjentka podczas trwającego zabiegu krioterapii ogólnoustrojowej w kriokomorze w Si Strefa Regeneracji w Szczecinie.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Take a deep breath. Feel how pure oxygen reaches all areas of your body. The high pressure in the hyperbaric chamber distributes oxygen to the blood, cells and tissues, stimulating them to work more intensively than usual. It does not hurt and it is even very pleasant. A hyperbaric oxygen therapy session is 60 minutes of relaxation in a comfortable capsule. During these 60 minutes, the number of stem cells responsible for the repair processes in your body increases up to 8 times. The blood circulates faster improving the organ function and redicing inflammation. The quality of your health and life improves significantly with each subsequent session.

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Uśmiechnięty i zadowolony pacjent mający na sobie maskę tlenową, podczas trwającego zabiegu łagodnej tlenoterapii hiperbarycznej w Si Strefa Regeneracji w Szczecinie.

Red Light Therapy

A cosmic technology that reduces pain, heals wounds, and charges energy – sounds like a science fiction movie? Then we invite you to a session! Photobiomodulation is a therapy discovered by NASA, the effects of which will make you feel like a superhero. Red light and near-infrared light emitted by lamps go straight into our cellular powerhouses, the mitochondria. A 15-20 minute session will fully charge your batteries. Faster healing and regeneration will improve your appearance, performance, and overall well-being. Photobiomodulation is a pleasant and non-invasive method, perfect for athletes looking to improve their results, as well as anyone who wants to feel healthy and beautiful.

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Uśmiechnięta i zadowolona pacjentka podczas trwającego zabiegu terapii czerwonym światłem w Si Strefa Regeneracji w Szczecinie.


Don’t know which of the therapies offered at SI Strefa Regeneracji will be the best for you? We have a great idea – try them all! Effectively and quickly deal with your ailments and fatigue by choosing a package that combines three innovative technologies. The combination of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, cryotherapy, and photobiomodulation is an offer that will help you achieve spectacular results. Your body, mind, and wallet will be grateful for this choice, as the treatments in the package are cheaper than purchased individually!

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Trójka uśmiechniętych i zadowolonych klientów ubranych w stroje do krioterapii ogólnoustrojowej, trzymających kciuki w górę, podczas wizyty w Si Strefa Regeneracji w Szczecinie.

Our customers about the treatments

Ewa Cudnik
President of the Board at "The Best of Szczecin" Foundation
This is a fantastic place for health, beauty, and rejuvenation. The staff, especially Izabella Kvist, is friendly and professional. She clearly explained the procedures and after them, I felt amazing. I must admit, I was initially a bit unsure, but Iza dispelled all my concerns. Now I can wholeheartedly recommend this place to anyone in need of a real improvement in well-being.
Dawid Dragon
A fantastic place in the city of Szczecin, perfect for both active people and others. Personally, I tried the cryotherapy chamber, and I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Those few minutes of cold were perhaps the most pleasant chill I have ever experienced. Believe me, it's not a joke - my body thanked me with a sense of relaxation and an incredible feeling of freshness that is hard to put into words. In just a few minutes, I felt rejuvenated and refreshed. I highly recommend it.
Przemysław Wojdalski
Personal Trainer & Strength and Conditioning Coach
After completing a cycle of 10 treatments in the hyperbaric and cryogenic chambers, it's time for a summary. I clearly felt the beneficial effects of both treatments after six visits to SI. I completely stopped taking anti-inflammatory medications to which I was regularly dependent for longer periods. Those who know me understand what I'm talking about. The pain and chronic swelling have decreased significantly, and my overall well-being and focus have greatly improved. For me, it's a game-changer, so I'm picking up the phone to book another package of 10 treatments. While a single session can be seen as an adventurous and intriguing experience, as I mentioned earlier, the true benefits can be experienced through regular use.Sending you frosty greetings, and remember to take care of your regeneration.
Agata Korzemiacka
Physiotherapist & Personal Trainer
For the past week, I have been utilizing the services of Si Strefa Regeneracji, specifically oxygen therapy, and I regret not discovering it earlier! Despite waiting for a kidney transplant and experiencing a declining health condition, I have been prioritizing 8 hours of sleep, a well-balanced diet, supplementation, hydration, and meditation for my regeneration. However, my health has been deteriorating week by week. In recent months, my illness has taken a toll on me, but I can feel a significant improvement in my well-being since starting the oxygen therapy. The bruises that cover my body due to anemia (a coexisting condition with kidney failure) are healing much faster! I'm only halfway through the therapy, and I'm already amazed! I highly recommend these treatments to everyone! The clarity of mind and revitalized body allow me to move mountains, and that's precisely what oxygen therapy provides. This week, my mother and daughter will also begin the treatments! Thank you, Si Strefa Regeneracji, for your assistance and caring hearts.
Wojciech Kępka
Founder of "Wieczorne bieganie w Szczecinie"
After completing a series of sessions in the hyperbaric chamber at Si Strefa Regeneracji and experiencing the benefits of oxygenation, I can wholeheartedly recommend this type of treatment to anyone. Improved sleep, increased energy, and a reduction in overall fatigue are just a few of the positive effects of using the hyperbaric chamber. Si Strefa Regeneracji is an excellent place to regenerate, relax, and expedite the recovery of our bodies after intense training, injuries, or illnesses. I believe it's also a perfect haven for those seeking a place to unwind in their daily lives. Visiting Si Strefa Regeneracji means not only experiencing the benefits of their services but also interacting with a friendly and professional staff who are eager to help and answer any questions that may arise. I will definitely be returning to this place in the future.
Ewelina Kowalik
Running Coach and Founder of "Fizjobiegacze Szczecin"
Si Strefa Regeneracji is a fantastic place for every athlete, whether professional or amateur! It's an outstanding regeneration facility that we often forget about. With its modern equipment and technology, it is the only place of its kind in the center of Szczecin. It's accessible to everyone, as there are very few contraindications for cryotherapy and hyperbaric chamber treatments. The staff is extremely friendly and dedicated, making sure that every client feels comfortable and safe. They provide thorough explanations about the purpose of each therapy and the functioning of every device. The interior is both comfortable and elegant. Getting there is hassle-free, whether by car, public transportation, or even by bike. The booking process is convenient as well. I've been there, experienced it, and I highly recommend it.
Agnieszka Kościółek
I highly recommend the studio 100%. The cabin is disinfected after each treatment, ensuring a clean and safe environment. The staff is very friendly and always smiling. During my first session, the lady provided detailed and professional information about the entire process of oxygen therapy and cryotherapy. I wholeheartedly recommend this studio.
Marta Babska
It's the only place in Szczecin with such wonderful service! Each of the girls is highly competent, and the equipment is of the highest quality. I have used both the hyperbaric chamber and cryotherapy, but recently, I have been spending most of my time on red light therapy. I wholeheartedly recommend this place to anyone in need of a moment for themselves to relax.
Maciej Abolik
Red light therapy is amazing, and having cryotherapy and oxygen therapy all in one place allows for superb regeneration and stress relief. The friendly staff creates a great atmosphere and explains everything thoroughly, dispelling any doubts. I sincerely recommend it.
Łukasz Misiejuk
Doctor (Medical Rehabilitation Specialist)
It's probably the only place in Szczecin where you can simultaneously benefit from hyperbaric therapy and cryotherapy! The service is excellent, and the staff is highly knowledgeable in advising on which treatment to choose and what parameters it should have. They also address any doubts and are eager to answer any questions. Moreover, the location is outstanding, right in the city center with easy access and available parking spaces.I believe it's a place where you can definitely regenerate, whether after a workout, injuries, or a tiring day at work. I highly recommend it!
Weronika Jezierska
I regularly use the hyperbaric chamber at "Si," and with each passing day, my condition has been improving after having Covid. Currently, I can confidently say that my endurance is even better! During the treatments, I also aimed to heal wounds that were previously struggling to heal. Most of them disappeared after just 3 sessions. After each treatment, I would leave with an abundance of energy and a positive mood. I sincerely recommend it!
Magdalena Szczyg
Initially, I approached this subject with skepticism, but the results were indeed immediate - my energy and motivation came back! I genuinely recommend it!
Joanna Ogórek
Personal Trainer & Sports Nutrition Advisor
I used the chamber together with my son. Thanks to hyperbaric oxygen therapy, I was able to regain full range of motion in exercises involving the previously injured posterior chain muscle.
Arek Górecki
My mother was recommended hyperbaric oxygen therapy by her doctor. We searched for the right place for a long time until we found you. The warm welcome, introduction to the benefits of the treatment, and its contraindications were provided. The treatments are a relaxation experience for my mother. When I pick her up, I can't help but marvel at her energy. We are also delighted to see improvements in her results, and we continue to take advantage of the benefits you offer.
Przemysław Gołyński
By using the services offered by Si Strefa Regeneracji, I have rejuvenated my vitality in a stress-free manner. It is an exceptional pleasure to be their client. The devices available there, along with the friendly and professional staff who are always ready to provide advice and assistance, fully satisfy my high expectations. I highly recommend it to everyone, regardless of age or needs.
Thomas Schramm
The fight against Long Covid is being tackled here. Super friendly staff and a pleasant atmosphere. Having cryo, hyperbaric oxygen, and infrared therapy all in one place is fantastic. We gladly travel from Berlin to Szczecin for it. Highly recommended.
Andżelika Kijańska
The staff is incredibly friendly and professional. Always smiling and helpful. I highly recommend cryotherapy for fibromyalgia.
Sanne Strand
The best Cryo me and my family have ever tried. My daughter's inflammation was gone after 2 treatments. Iza is so professional and I definitely recommend her. We will most definitely come and have a treatment next time we visit Szczecin.

Frequently asked questions

What treatments do you offer?

We offer three types of treatments: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), Whole Body Cryotherapy, and Red Light Therapy (RLT). All of our therapies are gentle, natural, safe, and have a holistic effect.

How often should I use your treatments to improve my health and well-being?

You’ll feel an improved mood and energy boost after just one visit to Si Strefa Regeneracji. However, if you’re expecting spectacular and long-lasting effects, regular visits are key. Systematic use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, whole body cryotherapy, and photobiomodulation is the simplest path to longevity. Learn more about how often to receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy and cryotherapy sessions here. Discover how frequently to come in for red light therapy here. We’re also happy to answer any questions personally, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Should I eat or drink before my appointment?

One thing that the three therapies we offer have in common is the stimulation of the body’s detoxification processes. Drinking plenty of water before and after your session is highly recommended to further support the cleansing effects of the treatment. However, there are no guidelines regarding eating. From our experience, we can say that cryotherapy, which is a highly energy-demanding treatment, may be more tolerable after a meal.

What should I bring for the appointment?

You don’t have to bring anything. We will provide you with all the things necessary for the treatments.

When can I make an appointment?

We are open everyday. From Monday to Friday 8:00-20:00, Saturday 8:00-18:00 and Sunday 11:00-15:00.

What are the prices of your treatments?

You can find the prices for our individual treatments, packages, and passes in the ‘Pricing‘ section.

Where can I park my car? It is Szczecin after all.

There are parking spots available right in front of our salon, including spots for disabled clients. However, these free spots can often be occupied. In such cases, we recommend using the convenient paid parking lot on Narutowicza Street. Don’t worry about the cost of parking – simply let us know that you parked there and we will deduct the parking fee from your bill.

What is SI?

SI is a combination of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and whole body cryotherapy. It starts with a 60-minute treatment in the hyperbaric chamber followed by a 3-minute session in the cryotherapy chamber. The two treatments complement each other perfectly, as a well-oxygenated body responds even better to the extreme cold, maximizing the benefits of both sessions in a single visit. An additional benefit is the price – SI is cheaper than purchasing HBOT and cryotherapy separately.

What is NASA?

NASA is a contrast therapy that involves combining sessions of photobiomodulation and cryotherapy. By exposing your cells to red light, they become more responsive to the cold temperatures in the cryotherapy chamber. This allows you to experience the benefits of both treatments for your body and mind. The whole treatment, including preparation, takes no longer than 30 minutes and is less expensive than each treatment performed separately.

What is ZEN?

ZEN is a combination of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and red light therapy. After a 60-minute oxygenation of all tissues, body fluids, and organs in your body, we invite you to an incredibly pleasant 15-minute RLT session, during which your cells will receive a huge dose of energy from the red light. This combo will make you feel like a newborn and you’ll want to come back to us as soon as possible. Moreover, the price of the package is significantly lower than the price of each treatment done separately.


It’s the best of everything in one package. It combines hyperbaric oxygen therapy, whole body cryotherapy, and photobiomodulation, which, when done in succession, complement each other and provide even more benefits for your health and well-being. You’ll spend about 1.5 hours with us, and we’ll recharge your batteries to the fullest. BIOHACKER costs less than each treatment individually. Be careful, though, it’s addictive! 😊

Our promise

You'll always leave us feeling better! Our priority is to make your life healthier, better, happier, and longer with modern technologies.