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Turbocharging for Body and Mind


Biohacking = Hyperbarix Oxygen Therapy + Red Light Therapy + Whole Body Cryotherapy.


How does it work? Our exclusive Biohacker package consists of:

Hyperbarix Oxygen Therapy: 60 minutes

Red Light Therapy: 15 minutues

Whole Body Cryotherapy: 3 minutues

These three treatments, performed in the above order, provide the highest level of biological renewal. The oxygen delivered to the cells during the hyperbaric chamber session stimulates the body to maximize the energy derived from contrast therapy, which involves exposure to red light and subsequent cryotherapy.

All three treatments complement each other perfectly in their effects on the human body and mind, as illustrated in the graphic below:

Wpływ naszych terapii na twoje zdrowieJak terapia hiperbaryczna działa na organizm sportowcaJak terapia czerwonym światłem działa na organizm sportowcaJak krioterapia działa na organizm sportowca

“A healthy mind in a healthy body is a short path to a long life.”

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